A message from Andrew Devlin, Board of Trustees Chair

Board of Trustees Meeting – Tuesday 23rd February 2016

Our last school survey indicated that you would like to hear more from the Board and so this is a start. We will provide a quick summary from each of our meetings and then look to provide more information once the website page is up and running.

The first Board meeting of each school year is largely dominated by two key items: The Election of Officers and signing off of the current year’s Charter and Annual Plan.

We are required by the Ministry of Education to re-elect certain position holders each year. This year the position holders remained unchanged following the voting:

Chair of the Board – Andrew Devlin
Deputy Chair – Chris Morrison
Treasurer – Chris Cunningham
Property and Health and Safety – Andy Hall.

The balance of the meeting focused on the St Patrick’s Charter and annual plan. We had been working on this from October last year and so there were only a few items to review and finalise. There was some great discussion around the move to Mercy Values and aligning our Annual Plan to the Education Review Office’s 6 Dimensions (link below). We all agreed that we are on the right track and these changes would position us well for the year ahead and equally for next year’s ERO visit. The document was approved and will be sent to the Ministry of Education on the 1st of March 2016.

The Board also decided that its planning day would be held in August to reflect the School Trustees Elections to be held in June this year. I’ve attached a link to some great information about the process and the benefits of becoming a Board member. It is a rewarding experience, so please think seriously about putting your name forward when nominations are called.

The meeting was closed with a prayer from Father Chris that remembered the life of Bishop Barry and the many gifts he has given to the Canterbury Diocese.